Improving the performance
of capital projects

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Our Purpose

Improving the performance of organisations with a vested interest in capital projects.

Whether a client organisation, or part of the supply chain, if a business has a vested interest in capital projects, the outcome of such projects can have a significant impact to the business’ strategic objectives and overall balance sheet.

This is our focus. We understand how capital projects’ performance translates into business performance and we support investor, client and contractor organisations in achieving their financial and non-financial goals.

Business strategic objectives
and financial performance

Business operational

Performance of portfolio of
capital projects

Business Case, planning and
delivery of capital projects

Our Services
We are offering three principal services:
Operating Model Review / Transformation, Portfolio / Project Assurance and Project Management
Operating Model Review / Transformation
Designing new or updating the existing ways of operation (e.g. governance, processes, data) of a business, portfolio, programme or project to improve its performance.
Medium – Long Term
Portfolio / Project Assurance
Assessment of performance of project, programme or portfolio to achieve stated financial and non-financial objectives.

Note: This level of service is significantly enhanced for contractor organisations through the provision of the Projects Risk Tool.
Short - Medium Term
Project Management
Hands on support in daily activities in managing a business, portfolio, programme or project.
Immediate – Short Term
Focus Areas
How our services support the organisations we work with.
Investor / Client support
Contractors support
Project Risk Tools
Investor / Client Support
Business Case
  • Revenue Confidence: It is critical that assumptions used to develop the revenue to be generated are properly understood as these can materially impact the business case of a project.

  • Cost Confidence: Capital projects are expensive and a relatively small cost increase can have a significant impact on the project returns. It is hence important that the cost feeding the business case is robust and is based on solid assumptions.
Example Interventions
and their Objectives
Business Case
development / review

Robust Business Case
Investment /
Divestment support

Appropriate valuation
of risks
O&M strategy
development / review

Optimal revenue generation
with minimum costs
  • Once the project has been initiated, it is crucial that it can be delivered in line with the Business Case and as such appropriate controls and governance will be required to ensure this happens.
Example Interventions
and their Objectives

Optimum procurement,
achieving Business Case objectives

Delivery of project in line
with Business Case objectives

Our Approach

We believe that we can help organisations best by providing support that adapts to the business needs and by understanding how different markets operate.

To that end, we collaborate with consulting partners who are experts in different subject matters (e.g. strategy, operating model, project management) and industries, and who are spread across Europe and in particular in the UK, Germany, Holland, Italy and Greece.

Alexandros Tsarouchis

An engineer by background and a certified Project Manager, Alex has worked over the last 17 years in a diverse set of roles across a range of industries.

He has worked as a management consultant for Canfield Consulting and two major UK consultancies (Deloitte and KPMG). There he has led multiple projects, such as optimising the operating model of contractor organisations and the management of their portfolio of projects, setting up processes and providing assurance to multi-bn transport programmes, supporting energy industry clients better understand the confidence in achieving their business case objectives, as well as supporting public sector clients in their procurement approach for getting multi-million capital projects progressed.

Prior to working as a consultant, Alex worked as a project manager for a utility (RWE) at the development of a multi-bn offshore wind farm project in the UK, and as an engineer for a contractor (Kier) at the construction of an LNG terminal project.

This breadth of experience at both a strategic level but also through hands on involvement in the management of programmes and projects across different sectors and client types provides Alex with a holistic view of capital projects and the challenges faced across all key stakeholder groups.

Projects Risk Tool

PRT is an online software tool which supports the identification of financial risks within construction projects. It aims to maximise portfolio profitability and improve financial forecast accuracy and expectations management.

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